“We have been ignoring the 90%. We spend 90% of our time indoors and 90% of the cost of a building are the occupants, yet indoor environmental quality and its impact on health and productivity are often an afterthought if they are even considered at all” – Joseph Allen, Director of the Healthy Buildings Program at the Harvard Center for Health and the Global Environment.

What is Sick Building Disease?

Modern, energy-efficient buildings may save on energy costs, but they often lack quality air circulation thus allowing the build-up of potentially harmful gases. These gases come from such seemingly innocent sources as furniture, carpeting, household cleaning agents and office equipment such as photocopiers.

Possible risk factors for Sick Building Disease may include:

  • Poor ventilation
  • Low humidity
  • High temperature or changes in temperature throughout the day
  • Airborne particles, such as dust, carpet fibers or fungal spores
  • Airborne chemical pollutants, such as those from cleaning materials or furniture, or ozone produced by photocopiers and printers
  • Physical factors, such as electrostatic charges
  • Poor standards of cleanliness in the working environment
  • Inadequate ventilation when using chemical cleaning products
  • Poor lighting that causes glare or flicker on visual display units
  • Improper use of display screen equipment
  • Psychological factors, such as stress or low staff morale
Employees exposed to these risk factors often have higher rates of absenteeism, itchy eyes, drowsiness, headaches and lower productivity.

Clean Air, Healthier Employees with a Plantscape Solution

Various studies have shown that certain plants actually clean the air we breathe, and can fight against the common "Sick Building Disease." These studies have shown there is an immediate improvement in air quality when tropical plants are introduced. Tropical plants have the ability to effectively reduce levels of a number of noxious gases found in almost every home or office building.

Our Service is a Promise to your Health!

Plantscape uses living tropical plants to create an environment that projects a company's image and reflects the quality of its operations

With our maintenance program a fully trained technician will visit your location weekly, on a regularly scheduled basis to water, fertilize, clean, dust, trim, and rotate your plants as needed. We will treat plants for diseases and insects if they appear, and apply preventative treatment on site at various times of the year.

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